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1 bring to light; "The CIA unearthed a plot to kill the President"
2 lay bare through digging; "Schliemann excavated Troy" [syn: excavate]

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  1. To drive or draw from the earth
  2. To uncover or find; to bring out from concealment; to bring to light; to disclose.
    to unearth a secret
  3. To dig up


to uncover or find


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Unearth is a metalcore band from Winthrop, Massachusetts. Their debut album, The Stings of Conscience, was a popular offering in the underground metalcore scene. Their music is a mixture of modern metal and hardcore. In their most recent album, III: In the Eyes of Fire, they have developed a more thrash metal sound. They are also well known for playing seven-stringed guitars, while the bass player plays a five-stringed bass. They have contributed a new song, titled "The Chosen", for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. The song can be heard at the movie's official websiteand is available on the film's soundtrack.


Early Career: 1998-2002

Unearth was formed by Trevor Phipps, Buz McGrath, Ken Susi, Mike Rudberg, and Chris Rybicki in Wakefield, Massachusetts in 1998. Phipps had grown tired of the guitarist in his then current band, and local band Point 04 (containing Susi, McGrath, Rudberg, and Rybicki), had gotten tired of their singer. Initially the new band was not to include Buz McGrath, but he showed up to the jam session anyway, and the original lineup was completed. The name "Unearth" was reused from Drummer Mike Rudberg's old band. On the small independent label, Endless Fight Records, they released their first EP called Above the Fall of Man in May, 1999. Years after the release, Unearth signed to Eulogy Recordings to release The Stings of Conscience in 2001 and Endless in 2002. During the process of Endless, Chris Rybicki left the group and was replaced by John Maggard.

The New Beginning: 2003-2005

After playing in venues like the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and Ozzfest with Unearth, Mike Rudberg left the group a day after their performance at The SXSW in 2003 for the reason of playing naked during that night. Also Buz McGrath left for personal problems but came back shortly after. The rest of Unearth would then use Paulie Antignai of Sworn Enemy as temporary replacement drummer and Kia Eshghi of Rumi as a touring guitarist (before Buz returned).
With Buz McGrath and new permanent replacement drummer, Mike Justian of The Red Chord and previously Post-Hardcore/Screamo band Hassan I Sabbah, Unearth released the The Oncoming Storm under Metal Blade Records on June 29, 2004. Shortly after, they would begin touring with Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, and Lamb of God for MTV's Headbangers Ball US tour. They would also tour with Slipknot the next year. In 2005, Unearth performed in the first ever Sounds Of The Underground tour with numerous bands like Norma Jean, GWAR, and All That Remains.

In the Eyes of Fire: 2006-Present

In early 2006, they began writing their next album. After the writing process, they recorded III: In the Eyes of Fire with well-known heavy metal producer Terry Date at Seattle. This latest coup was yet another landmark in their blossoming career, a fact the band were quick to acknowledge: "Working with Terry Date is another amazing feat for us on a growing list of accomplishments". As they finished their latest album, they performed at Ozzfest for the second time, including songs from the album even though it was not destined for release until August 8, 2006. During the release, they began their headlined Sanctity of Brothers tour with Bleeding Through, Animosity, Through the Eyes of the Dead and Terror. After participating in Japan's Loud Park festival, Unearth and Slayer toured together all around the U.S. in early 2007 on the Christ Illusion tour. They headlined a tour in the beginning of 2007 with Job for a Cowboy, Despised Icon, and DÅÅTH. They then headlined a European tour which was followed by a U.S. & Canadian tour with Dimmu Borgir, Devildriver and Kataklysm that began in the middle of April. It was during this tour that drummer Mike Justian decided to leave the band. His departure was amicable, according to other members of the band. To fill in for the rest of the tour, Gene Hoglan of Strapping Young Lad was recruited. They played in the 2007 Download Festival with Seemless/Kingdom of Sorrow/studio drummer Derek Kerswill and he's been with them since. Although he has not officially joined the band, the word in the camp is that he will be indefinitely with them through the recording and touring of their new record, due in October of 2008.
As of June 7th, III: In the Eyes of Fire has sold 85,000 copies in the US.
According to Revolver Magazine, the band plans on releasing another album sometime in 2008, although no further details have been released. The bands new live DVD Alive from the Apocalypse was released on March 18th.

Band members

Current members

Former members

  • Mike Justian - drums (Left during the band's 2007 US & Canadian tour)
  • Chris "Rover" Rybicki - bass guitar (Left during the production of Endless)
  • Mike Rudberg - drums (Left after the release of Endless)

Fill-Ins For Tours/ Misc Reasons

  • Kia Eshghi - guitar (Filled in for Buz from 2003-2004, and again during the fall 2004 headlining tour following the release of The Oncoming Storm. was once part of A Static Lullaby)
  • Paulie Antignai - drums (Filled in after Mike Rudberg left. Part of the band Sworn Enemy)
  • Peter Layman - guitar (Filled in for Buz during 2005 Japan/Australia tour, also a founding member of the band Apiary)
  • Dave Stauble - guitar (Filled in for Buz during 2002 summer US tour. Original/current Since The Flood guitarist)
  • Scott McDonald - guitar (Filled in for Buz during 2001 summer US tour. Originally guitarist in Sevenday Curse, currently guitarist in Avariel)
  • Gene Hoglan- drums (Filled in after Mike Justain left, made a brief return after Kerswill's first run with the band, 2007)



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ascertain, avulse, bring to light, catch on, come across, cut out, delve, deracinate, determine, dig, dig out, dig up, disclose, discover, disentangle, disinter, draw, draw out, dredge, dredge up, eradicate, evolve, evulse, excavate, excise, exhibit, exhume, expose, exsect, extract, extricate, ferret out, find, find out, fish up, get out, gouge out, grub up, hear, learn, mine, pick out, pluck out, pluck up, pull, pull out, pull up, quarry, rake out, remove, reveal, rip out, root out, root up, see, show, take out, tear out, tumble, turn up, uncover, unravel, uproot, weed out, withdraw, worm out, wrest out
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